Saturday, March 14, 2009

Being cheerleader mom

This is what I do when I am not teaching 6th grade, doing my graduate school stuff, or working on art stuff (which I really need to be doing right now). I am making pillows for my 6yro and her cheerleading. They are going to nationals next week. These actually were really easy to make.

I used some dyed fabric that I had. Use some smooth fabric that is easy to write on. I had them use Sharpie markers. I taped the fabric squares down with masking tapes so they could all sign. I used my sewing machine and sewed the two fabric sides together (right sides out with a wide edge) leaving an opening for stuffing. I then just clipped the edges to give it the ruffles. Make sure you don't cut into the stitches. I snipped the ends to make the ruffles except where the opening was before I stuffed - in case I did that so I could sew the mistakes. I only did that once. The back of the pillows are a soft fleece-y material that I got from the left-over table from Joann's. The remnants pile. My daughter was nuts about the idea. If your daughter is a bit older, she can do it herself or help out. My daughter helped stuff.

I made 18 pillows total tonight. 17 for cheerleading and 1 for my son. It was a soccer pillow. I found the soccer fleece material in the remnant bin, too. He wanted one. He always wants to be included. My mom never did this kind of stuff. I want my kids to remember this stuff when they grow up. At least, I hope they will remember it.
I have some left-over material just laying there and a little bit of stuffing left. I hear a puffy heart calling to me. I can't resist. Gotta go now.


Anonymous said...

I also try to do activities with my kids that I never experienced as a child. It helps me try and foster a crafty bond with them...

melicia's fiber art and mixed media said...

I did not realize that there is a national competition for 6 year olds. My daughter is not into cheerleading yet. She has 5 brothers, so I'm not sure that she will be.=)

Kelly said...

I can hardly believe I stumbled across your site. I am a cheer mom even though I think it is an evil trick of fate to make me one. No one believes I could have a cheer kid, but I do and she is fantastic. Our first competition is in April. Lots of extra practices before then. ~kelly

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