Sunday, May 10, 2009

Internation Quilt Fest in Chicago Picts

Women dancing for embellishments during Prom Night.
Me dancing around being supportive of someone dancing for embellishments. I am the one in the orange sweater. I did have a plastic garbage bag prom dress on but that didn't last long.

Pokey and Barbara in their prom dresses.

Kelli Perkins had the most fun tiara. She keeps coming up with the most fun things. You need to check out her new book and DVD. Guess whose artwork will be in her new book? Whhhhheeeeee! She gave me the most fab journal. Need to go upstairs and scan it so you can see how awesome it really is. No, you can't have it.

Pict of Prom Night.

Final promenade around to see who will be crowned prom queen. These women cracked me up!

Dancing and videoing to the oldies. If you have not seen the vid, you need to. It was pretty funny. Pokey has it on the Quilting Arts blog.


Rachel said...

Love your blog, love your art! It's so inspiring. Added to my favourites;)

Marrianna said...

I love the prom pics at the Quilt festival. Wanted to thank you again for the CPS magazine. It arrived this weekend while I was with Mom in Scottsdale at the hospital. A very welcome surprise. Thank you so much. Marrianna