Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sneak peak and Tsukineko all purpose inks

I am finishing up a quilt for an article submission, so I can't show you the whole thing. I did take a little pict of it though. I wanted to show you what fun I had playing with the Tsukineko inks and Fantastixs. They are such fun. You can do so much with them. I used them to write and to doodle on my quilt. Once you are done with the Fantastix, you just clean them with a little soap and water. I did a little experimenting and added a bit of Pearl Ex to the ink and it gave it a great shine. I especially liked the black ink. What is nice about these inks is that it does not get hard upon drying. If you heat set it, it will be washable. This quilt will not be washed, it will be one of those art quilts that gets hung up. The borders are really cool. I broke a lot of needles doing it but it was worth it.
The writing and doodling that you see on the blue background are the inks. The painted shapes and doodles within the larger shapes are part of my article. You will have to wait to see how I do that!

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Zora said...

Gorgeous! I love it (even if we can't see the whole thing here) Thank you so much for sharing. I subsribe to CPS and enjoy seeing your contributions! You're an inspiration. Hang in there with the summer classes. I've been there too.