Thursday, July 23, 2009

Join Technique Sundays

Clearance journal I bought for this project.

In the Mixed Media Art Friends Yahoo Group, we are going to start doing technique Sundays where guest teachers will teach a technique where we try and discuss it. You can try it or just print and save it. I got a journal just for this purpose where I am going to use it for trying new things and for general doodling. I love doodling with my Smooch inks and Sakura gel markers. The technique will be as elaborate as the teachers want to make it. It is something to just get our juices and discussions flowing. Come and joing us.

Besides, I need something to blog about! Now, you can follow my journey into technique Sundays!
Hope you are having a fun summer. Mine just started. Summer school ended yesterday.


Bea said...

Sounds like fun and after my family all goes back home in a week I'll be ready to play, BIG TIME. :)Bea

Lynifyni said...

I love your cover, Belinda! I couldn't resist after reading your post...I have requested membership to work on my own journal. Like you, I just picked one up on a lark! Now I'll be able to make art, learn and have a good time! Thanks much! LynnF