Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quilted Postcard Instructions

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The first thing you want to do is make a quilt sandwich. I am using some screened fabric that I made with my PhotoEZ stencils. I have a layer of fabric, craft weight interfacing, and fabric. I want the interfacing heavy enough so my postcard will not flop over. I always sew a piece larger than the 4x6 postcard size so I can use the extra for something else. It is easier to cut the size I need. In the pict above, you can see me sewing the 3 layers together. I sewed it together vertically up and down with a kind of squiggly line from the middle going out. Straightening and smoothing the sides as I go along. It doesn't have to be perfect. This is what it looks like when I am done sewing. Some people might do their surface design before they do their sewing. Some people will cut the 4x6 shape and sew the 3 layers together but I find that harder to do.

I use a chipboard postcard template to cut the shape that I need. Use a pair of sharp scissors or rotary cutter to cut the postcard shape.

This is what your postcard will look like. Use a tight zigzag stitch to close your edges.

Postcards need to be relatively flat to be sent. Since these are fabric, you will probably need to put first class postage on it anyway. I put a puffy heart on mine because I like puffy heart. It is a "thing" with me. What makes my hearts puffy? I put a piece of felt behind my heart that is slightly smaller than the size of my actual heart and just sew it onto my postcard. It gives it just little puff.

I used some Smooch inks and did some doodling. This is my simple, finished postcard.
So, to recap:
1. Postcards are 4x6"
2. They need to be relatively flat.
3. Quilted postcards are 3 layers: Fabric, interfacing, fabric
You can substitute paper for fabric.
4. Do not attach anything that dangles that will get caught in the postal machines.
5. Don't forget to sign your mailart.
6. Address on the other side and send to someone who will appreciate it.
7. Wait by your mailbox to get a postcard in return.
Have fun!

One last thing, we are sending out postcards to each other in my MM art friends group during the month of August. You need to be part of the group to play:

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