Sunday, August 30, 2009

Book Review: Green Guide for Artists by Karen Michel

I saw this book at Art Unraveled when I was in Arizona. I saw it while I was walking around during Vendor Day. I did not pick it up immediately and it was gone when I came back around the second time. So, I ordered it and I am am very happy that I did so. I have been trying to use up a lot of what I already have and have been trying to not buy a lot of "stuff" besides fabric, glue, and paint. I reuse a lot of scraps in my art. I am also a lover of found objects. I have been trying to be "green" for awhile now to do my part to save the earth for my children's children. Hey, I'm trying.

I found this book to be a very interesting read. I met Karen Michel briefly while at Art Unraveled. I did not get a chance to talk to her for a very long time, but I do admire what she does with children. She runs a nonprofit art center for children with her artist husband. I am sure she does a ton of other things, too. I read about it from time to time on Facebook.

Getting back to the book, one of my favorite things in the book are the wood collage vignettes. I love working on wood blocks. They really speak to me. They hold paint and other textures so well. I do such lovely things to them with my Dremel. I got a chance to see some of her vignettes at Art Unraveled and they were great! I might have to host a swap for some of the individual blocks. Wait! Slap me. What am I saying? When do I have time any more to host a swap? Scratch that! They are wonderful though.

Going on...the book talks about greening your studio and then green recipes and then green projects. There is even a section with different artists. The last section with the different artists was the least interesting to me. I found the rest of the book before that most appealing to me. I really enjoyed this book. So groovin' on the paper mache beads and bird. I am so going to have to do that when I have some time. I like my art to be simple and not overly done. That is how this book is. It is not overly done. The pages are not glossy and not "too much". The pictures are still clear and very nicely sized. The directions are very clear. I like having alternatives and that is what this book gives me. Simple and clean.


Rosie said...

I feel like you Belinda - I try so hard to use and reuse things I have and only buy paints and absolute necessities now. Thanks for your insights - sounds like that book will go straight on my wishlist. =)

AimeeInOhio said...

sounds like a book I will have to seek out.