Saturday, November 07, 2009

fabric paper and soy wax journal base pages

Here is how the journal looks closed. I just took a big eyelet that came with the crop-a-dile. I braided some fibers together so that the journal would close. I took the two ends together - found the middle and put that thru the eyelet. I knotted the middle end where the eyelet was and pulled it through so that it would go through the eyelet. Instant braided roped to close my journals. I did that with all 3 journals. This one was longer than the other two journals. BTW, if you click on any of the picts, you can get a bigger view.
This is the soy was journal that I am going to send to Melly (shhhh!). I took the soy wax workshop with her in Arizona. Lots of fun. If you ever get the chance to take it, do it. My fabrics turned out fantastic - as you will see in the my journal pages. The fabric page journal is the large journal. The two small journals are all soy wax. The soy wax journals are soy wax on both sides. My fabric paper journals are fabric paper only on one side and watercolor on the other because I did not have enough fabric paper made. I figured I could do other things on the other side like texture or collage.

This is how my fabric paper collage journal looks. Yeah, so I got a little carried away with the embossing powder. I figure I can always cover that up with some texture later on, if I want.

Forgive the fingers, I had to keep the pages open to snap the picts. The tomato looking shapes are my favorite. That was some kind of kitchen utensil that Mells had.

This is a page that folds out into thirds.

Back of my journal that I am going to doodle on and texturize. Wanted to see how the heart stamps would look with the distress embossing. Some experiments turned out better than others.

You can see on the side of this how the fibers come thru the eyelet.

Interesting how the embossing worked on some parts of the soy waxed fabric and didn't on other parts. Cool effect.

Remember, this is just my base structure, I really haven't done any work on my journals yet. I don't think that I am going to do any work in my soy wax journal. The backgrounds are too beautiful for me to cover up. I think I am going to leave it. I am going to work in this journal though. I will post when I am done.

You can see the basic fabric paper backgrounds and the fluid acrylic background. I did do the edges in different acrylics. The edges are sewn together.

The fabric paper took the embossing really well. I figure that I can add layers to the journal. I know I can't write over the embossing. If I want to write something, I can just add a layer over the embossing. I am thinking that my next step might be to try some of the impasto medium that I just got. Linda told me about the Matisse Derivan impasto medium and paints that she uses in Australia. It is available here in the US. I just got some and I am itching to try it. I already have some ideas in mind.

The top part in the pict is not really that shiny. Just glare from my window. Oooh, I also got a iridescent medium that I need to try on my journal. If you are interested. Here is my source for the iridescent medium:

I just finished the base structures on 3 journals based on Teesha Moore's blog vid. I modified the 2 smaller ones since they are not the same size. The big one is the same as the one structurally as the one in Teesha's vid. The two small ones are folded differently and don't have the same amount of pages in them. The large journal has fabric paper pages adhered to the watercolor paper and the two smaller journals have soy wax paper adhered to them. I used the the thermobond type adhesive type paper and ironed it onto the watercolor paper. I then sewed the edges of the fabric/soy paper to the watercolor paper. I also sewed the edge where I was going to do the binding just for a little exta support.

I have not done the impasto yet but will very soon. If you want my source:
Teesha's blog for her vid:
Teesh'a blog in general:

That's about it folks. Comments and questions welcome.


Jeannie said...

Gorgeous, beautiful, amazing! Your journals are to dye for! Melly is going to be so surprised AND pleased. Thanks for all the links, I really want to try this. Have a great rest of the weekend. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

awesome! i also saw teesha's videos and they made me want to paint a journal immediately... your graphic images with the wax are inspirational - thanks! --jean b.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love what you have done with the pages you showed us a few weeks ago. Your journals are looking good. I could never cover those soy wax pages, but the fabric paper journal is just screaming to be written in.

Kelli Nina Perkins said...

So wonderful Belinda--as usual!

Peg said...

Really awesome work, B! I love it!

Sue McGettigan said...

Completely fabulous journals - wow!

Marrianna said...

Absolutely love the new journals. I went to Teesha Moore's vid and found it easy to follow and perfect for me at this beginning bookmaking stage. Thank you for sharing. MD

Renee Troy said...

They're gorgeous. What fun to fill those pages.

Rosie Rowe said...

You're my fave workaholic!! Love your soywax fabric paper - very chic! And I really liked watching TM fold her journals... one for me I think. Thanks for sharing your creativity! =)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

These are lovely journals. We're doing soy wax at my next surface design meeting so it's great to have an idea of what to do with the finished fabric!