Monday, December 28, 2009

How I did my latest batch of fabric paper

Whatcha need:
freezer paper - shiny side up
cotton muslin - thin stuff - I buy the cheap stuff from Joann's for this purpose
thin tissue or wrapping paper
text from books
textured or lace paper
white glue like Sobo
cheap foam or paintbrush
acrylic paint or fluid acrylics

1. Lay muslin down on shiny side of freezer paper. Do not use wax paper. It will stick to the wax paper and will ruin the effect.
2. Create a glue wash. I do about 1/2 glue and 1/2 water or a little bit less glue. Mix well and keep giving it a stir when using because the glue has a tendency to sink to the bottom as you are using it.
3. Cut or tear the thin strips of tissue paper or text into size or shapes your want. Important to leave space in between each shape or you will get chunky paper - not fabric paper.
4. With brush - brush on a layer of glue wash on muslin. Lay down the tissue or text shapes. Dab glue wash on top so that the shapes stay down. Let dry completely.
5. Water down the acrylic paint or fluid acrylics to the color you want so you get a color wash almost to watercolor consistency or a little brighter if you want. Give the entire thing the once over. You can do it in several different colors, if you want. Let dry completely. I would go with a light color here since you will be layering other colors on top.
6. Add random pieces of lace or Japanese tissue paper on top of fabric paper. Dab glue wash on top. Let dry completely.
7. Add color with acrylic wash in different colors. What I did was use Polished Pigments. and Simple Solutions #2. I did it so it was pretty watery - almost watercolor consistency and did that as the final layer. I laid the brush sideways and swiped the Polished Pigments on so that it was mostly the texture that got the color and some of the flat areas. I did that with several colors. It provided a great color contrast with just enough sheen without glittery sparkle. If you know me, I don't like glitter.

Let dry completely.

8. You can do whatever you want once it dries and you peel it off the freezer paper. It is a little softer if you iron it first. Make sure you put a layer of freezer paper on top if you iron it. The fabric paper should be malleable enough so you can sew on it. '

Working on birds now for my swap. Email me or comment if you have any questions.


Judiwithaneye00 said...

Sometimes I add a little metallic (almost wrote metallica - shees) paint (cheap folk art paint will do) to the glue/water mixture. It makes an interesting difference.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I used all my muslin awhile back, but I keep wanting to try this technique again. You have inspired me to try this and (as usual), I'll be using what I have in the way of materials. Thanks for the push!

Ophelia said...

Love this!!! Glad I found your blog tonight!