Friday, April 23, 2010

Quilt Fest Finds

Metal embossing kit. I will be doing some techniques in the Cloth Paper Scissors Forum community very soon since I am one of the moderators. It is free to join. You can join here:

This Magic Stamp stuff is pretty funky. All you need to do is heat with a heat gun and then press an image into it and you have an instant stamp. You can even reheat it again to have another image. It works great with found objects. I tried it with the machined end of a spool that I had bought at Quilt Fest. It worked great. All you need to is some paint. You can buy it here:

Kelli Perkins led me to this vendor at the Quilt Show. Love this transparent paint. It is meant for textiles but works great on paper as well. I like to wet it a little with water and it flows great on my paper and fabric. I used it while doing demos during Open Studios. I had screen printed some muslin with my PhotoEZ screens. I used these paints to fill in some areas and to do some doodling. The colors are very vibrant but did not cover up my text areas on my paper. Comes in regular and neon.

Love, love, love these long silk sari ribbons. I see this guy every year at Quilt Fest. He is also on etsy. I did not unroll because it gets all jumbled once I do it. They are great for books and for edges. I also use the strips for all sorts of other little things. It is a long continuous piece. You can buy it here:

I also got this DVD. You can get it here:

These are huge-o buttons. I don't know what I will use these for but I might just save them for the perfect project. Until then, they will serve as templates.

Since I got some dye, I bought some embroidery thread to dye.

I got a sampler pack do dyeing 101 in my Yahoo group. Only about $10! What a deal. Will do it in my group as soon as I have some time. I don't dye much so it will be a good thing for me as well. I want to do more with this. I love to experiment! We all have to start somewhere.

Got these spools and vintage buttons. I am not sure what I will do with them but I loved them so much I had to get them.

This was the best MIU workshop last weekend that I didn't get to take. Kelli Perkins taught this. It was poetry spools. I was luck enough to get a kit and a finished spool. So fabulous. The teacher in me loves how creative it is and the artist in me loves the spool and the colors she used. Will have to do it this weekend.
That's all I really got this weekend besides some trades which are still packed away in one of my many bags and my new Janome 3160 QDC sewing machine!!!
I am not sure I will be going to Cincinnati next year. I do want to thank everyone who took my workshops this year and who stopped by to say "hi" while I was doing Open Studios. I loved how people took a chance and stamped their own mah jong tile pendants.
BTW, you can get the tiles and ball chain bracelets from I will be posting the stencil ordering information from Coffee Break Design this weekend on my blog. Need to go and get ready for school now.


Renee Troy said...

You are so generous in your sharing. Thank you....
You may not remember, but I met you in Phoenix last year. I'm a friend of Reva's. I'll be back to visit.

Ophelia said...

Goodness you have some treasures! I know you will have fun playing! Can't wait to see what you create

Paula Guhin said...

Hi, Belinda,
I just became a follower...your site is so helpful! I don't even use fibers much but love that you point people in the right directions!
Please check out my site if you can...
www.Mixed Media

Sandy said...

Some of the same objects caught my eye. Loved the big buttons. I didnt buy them.

I am Just One Mom said...

Looking at getting a Janome 3160 but I think the local store has the price too high. Let me just do the impossible... mind sharing how much it cost?? (My mother would die hearing such a question.)