Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quilt Fest/MIU Recap

How cool is that? My graffiti totes got to grace the MIU sign. I taught that on Friday. Way, way fun. People did a great job. After they were done, they got to "do-up" a piece of drill cloth graffiti style. They all came out great.
Sample of someone's tote from graffiti tote workshop.

These two really went to town!

My two samples for graffiti fabric workshop for MIU.

My friend, Holly, concentrating on her charm bracelet during my MIU workshop on Saturday. It was great seeing her again. I love her even though she makes me feel really, really, really height challenged.

Here is my sample for the charm bracelet class. The actual charm bracelets were slightly different - they had more charms in them than the sample. The charms had the ones shown here plus some. This class was a big hit.

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