Monday, June 14, 2010

Wooden Bingo Numbers are Back, Baby!

Just to let all of you know, I am very excited since I use these all the time. They were very hard to find. They are vintage bingo numbers that you can drill through to use as charm pieces. They are back at and they are on sale! Yes! No, I don't get anything. Just thought I would pass it on. While you are there, you might want to sign-up for their email newsletter. She sends out a fun one every Sunday with great deals.

Here is the link to the bingo numbers:

One other thing, I love these little glass vials and bottles, I use these in my assemblages. I have been using them lately in my latest creations that I will be unveiling very soon. They are actually drying now as I speak. Will post to blog in next day or so.

Have a great week everyone!


Laura said...

i love skybluepink!

Shayna Butler said...

Wow, thanks for posting the link to this wonderful shop! They have all kinds of goodies (and their prices are great).