Thursday, July 29, 2010

CHA highlights

I thought that CHA be a little busier than it was but did not expect it to be so slow. It was a lot slower than it was two years ago. It was definitely smaller. It was at least 2/3 smaller. There was a lot less traffic than there was when I was there two years ago. I did not go last year because it was in Florida. I noticed that some big names were not there for this summer show. I also heard some buzzing about the winter show being moved to downtown LA instead of the usual Anaheim. I didn't take any picts on Tuesday. I just didn't think of it even though I had my iPhone. I was too busy walking around, lugging totes, and talking to people. I even zentangled. I promise I will take picts Friday and Saturday.

My first stop was Suze Weinberg. I stopped for a few minutes to give her a bracelet and to watch her demo. As usual, she was very funny and a wonderful demonstrator. She is great at what she does. She always keeps it fresh and is so nice to everyone. She was demo'ing beeswax and UTEE. She knew a lot about the properties of beeswax. Go ahead - ask her anything. You can go to her blog and get a CHA recap. You will even see a little pict of me there.

My second stop was over to Creative Options to see what colored bag was being given away this year. I so love their giveawy bags. I never fail to get one. They are my absolute favorites. You can see one if you scroll down a couple of messages because I am giving away some!!! (Squeal!) They always come out with the best organizational products. Do you know that you can get them at places like Joann's? I love the ones that look like the fisherman's tackle box. My absolute favorite is a fresh new organizer not on their website yet that I saw at the show. It looks like a big lunch tote with a zippered part at the bottom where you can keep papers or magazines at the bottom. It also zippers at the top and you can keep a bunch of workshop supplies in there or something for a project. It would be perfect for my journaling project.

I kept moving on and made a stop at the Clearsnap booth to tell them thanks for the Smooch product for Quilt Fest and to show them the picts of the resin stuff I had just made using their product in my newest pieces. As I walked around CHA, I saw Smooch spray being used all over the place. It is great stuff. Just make sure you have the nozzle pointed in the right direction. I love the soft shimmer. It doesn't overpower your piece. It also doesn't destroy my crackle on my pieces.

I did a few make 'n takes and talked to a bunch of people. I will post separately so I can take some picts of them so you can see. Will go and do that now.

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