Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art Unraveled 2010 Pictures

These are my extras from the Hard Candy workshop that I still have to put together. Aren't they pretty though?
This is one that is put together. I am not sure if I am groovin' on the middle part. I would cut the middle so it would be more flush with the other two halves.

Here is a red one that I did. I really like this one.

Here are three that I finished. The little one did not have the middle section and the two halves did not meet exactly. It is off a bit. I guess I will get bette with practice.

Here is Barbe SaintJohn at her booth at Vendor Day. Had a wonderful time with her and Shoshanah Jennings. Shosh had the busiest booth and the best doll parts! I came home with a variety of legs. Sounds funny, doesn't it?

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Sabine said...

These are real clay, ja? Gorgeous !!