Monday, August 30, 2010

Basic format for hosting a swap

Thought this would be a good reference since I just typed it up.

It is not hard to host a swap. You set up the database for people to sign-up. You can follow my format in the swap and RRs in the file section. The format is basically this:

Sign-up deadline: I usually give until the end of the month. It is usually a Sunday.

Mailing deadline + where to send to: I give a month or more so people have time to do the swap. I give my complete mailing address here.

Mailng requirements: Don't forget to include what you want to do for international members. I ask that people include extra stamps for heavier swaps. I ask for new envies because people who send used ones create an issue because I have to cover old addresses and use tons of tape to close envies.

Qty to be swapped: I usually do 5 for 5 or 10 for 10. I also set a max as a cap because some people get enthusiastic and send a lot and I can't cover the amount. Each set can of 5 can be the same they have to be different from each other because of other people sending in multiple sets.

Swap requirements: This is where you put size and other requirements. You don't want stinky or wet items sent.

Theme - if you want to have one:

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