Saturday, August 14, 2010

Belinda's post-CHA Resin Special and Resin Experimentation Swap!

In honor of Belinda's post-CHA Resin Special that I am having on my blog, I am having a swap. I was so happy with how my demos turned out at CHA, I was wondering howI could let more people know about the great resin that I have been using from Little Windows. It is not a secret that I get a referral fee for telling people about Little Windows and if they use my name when ordering. Well, I thought about how about me giving up my referral fee to that personwho was ordering? That would be my way of saying thank you for trying it out?That would be a great savings in this economy.

Here is how it would work:

1. US only! You get free shipping on that initial order. You will get a FREE $15 coupon included with that order for your next order. Important: You need to put in code Belinda910 (case sensitive).

2. International only! Since her website is set up for US orders only (sorry)you will need to email her your order. There is a link to send her an email.She will deduct $15 directly from your order since she cannot give you freeshipping because of the increased cost. )


Special ends 9/30/2010.

I am also having a swap. I just started it up. Sign-ups until end of this month. You have until the end of September to mail. The details are in the Yahoo group. Sign-up in the database section of the Yahoo group.

Come over and play! The point is to try out resin and experiment to your heart's content.

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