Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to use Little Windows Resin

Not so long ago, I wasn't a resin user because I thought it was hard to use and smelly. It is true that some resins are smelly. This resin is not smelly and it non-toxic. It is crystal clear and it is easy to use. I am the most impatient person and I can use it. They have tons of information on their website including videos on how to use their product.

This is basically all you need to do to mix-up the resin and use it:

Do you see what is in my pix above? That is what is included in your two part kit. The size will vary depending on what size kit you get. It is a two part resin. You will mix two parts of A with one part of B. It comes with measuring cups. Depending on what size you get - you will get clear cups and sometimes blue cups. I sometimes will pour into plastic yogurt cups or Dixie cups. It is important to get the 2 to 1 thing right.

Get some sort of timer - I use my iPhone.
Mix 2 parts A to 1 part B
Mix with mixing spoon (comes with kit) for 2.5-3 minutes. Kit says 2.5 minutes but I do it for 3 minutes to make sure I get a good mix and I have to account for the weather.
Take the spoon out - wipe in case I need it for later and set aside.
Leave the mixture alone for 5 minutes.

You are done and can use the resin now. Once you have mixed it you have to use it all up. You don't have to use it that minute but you have to use it relatively soon or it will begin to harden. I have a tendency to make too much and have to find things to pour. Remember that you can always mix up more. It looks like a little bit but a little goes a long way.

Bubbles don't always pop up right away. They can pop up after an hour or so or even afterwards. I use a needle to pop or heat gun. Just wave lightly over it. Even a teeny torch will work. Your breath sometimes work with bubbles right on top. You can also cover it with a box or something without touching it so you don't get dust spots. I don't care that much so I don't usually bother.

If you touch it too soon (me raising my hand), take a heat gun and lightly heat until the offending fingerprint is gone and let it reset.

Let it cure for 12 hours or more before you touch and/or drill any holes.

It is really that easy. You just have to pay attention to the ratio, the mixing, and the timing. If you do those things, you should be golden. If not, you can go to Little Windows' website for help.

Have fun. Hope you will swap with my Yahoo group.


giddy up said...

Thanks for the info, you make is sound like it's pretty easy to use which is nice. Thought about trying before but was afraid to try.

Anna @ Frosted Petunias said...

Thank you so much for all your info. I'm new at mixed media collage and I'm always happy to learn new techniques. Love your work. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

i live in Barbados, is this product, little sold any where in my country. i truly enjoy seeing the things you can do with little windows resin, or would i have to order it from little windows