Sunday, June 12, 2011

Samples for Little Windows, Bead and Button

My daughter modeling one of the rings. This one is hers but it is similar to the ones I made for Little Windows.

My daughter put together this necklace after I put the wire on the resin heart. I got the idea for the resin heart from Crazy Chica. I am using her glitter. Her glitter is very good - very fine and does not come apart in the resin. Colorfast.

Little jar pendants. Jars from

I'm modeling one of the jar pendants.

I got the idea for this project from Karen Michel's book, Green Guide for Artists... Her project is slightly different but the the technique is basically the same except the last part with the resin. You should check out her book, many eco-friendly projects in there. Resin works great in any non-porous application. I have just found out that Little Windows has a sealer that will work on porous surfaces so that you can use it with resin. I am going to try it out and report back. I would love to try experimenting with fabric and resin.

Love these little picture frame pendants.

Water bottle flower arrangement with butterflies and paper flowers. Inside the bottle are little resin pieces. The resin pieces have all sorts of embellishments in them.

My bunnies had bunnies. I got this silicone mold right after Easter. They so fun!

My little display at the Little Windows booth at Bead & Button

Enormo bottle cap pendants

Resin on top of a cab card on canvas. The background is from a fabric stencil I created.

Simple bunny necklace

Chunky bracelet using the resin heart pieces drilled sideways.

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Anonymous said...

The colors are so bright and vibrant on the eco-friendly project! What brand are they? The paints I have don't seem to pop under any type of dimensional glaze or resin.

Lillian Mederak said...

your daughter is adorable!
thankyou for an awesome
informative blog

Jenifer Leone said...

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