Saturday, August 09, 2014

Team Beachbody 3 Day Refresh Results

I just finished the 3 Day Refresh with Shakeology health shakes.  This was a trial run for me to see if I wanted to continue using their program on a regular basis.  I drink them more like a smoothie/shake with frozen fruit once a day substituted as a meal.  This will help with my weight loss and to assist with my protein/nutrition intake since I don't eat that much but my metabolism has really slowed down since I have hit menopause.

I decided that I was tired of being tired, lethargic, and out-of-shape because I was in meno.  I wanted to take my body and mind back.  I started to change my life back this summer.  I changed the way I ate and I started to exercise moderately so my body wouldn't complain so much.  I had already started to drop weight when I started this.  I wanted something that would fit into my lifestyle on an on-going basis.  I have been reading that women in meno/older women don't get enough protein.  I am one who doesn't like to eat a lot of meat as it is and doesn't think about alternative ways to do it. I have the same issues with dairy because I am asian.

My Team Beachbody coach, Joy Ross, asked me if I was interested in Shakeology or the 3 Day Refresh.  Initially, I was not and had to think about it a bit.  This is something you have to do for yourself and decide that you are ready to do it for you and no one else.  My husband was still on the fence about this and he paralleled what I did.  He did most of what I did and he still lost weight. He is convinced and wants to do the 21 day reset but wants to do with me.

What I did was order the 3 pack of chocolate/vanilla/strawberry to try the 3 flavors of Shakeology.  I found out that I liked the chocolate the most.  We both did not like Vanilla.  My husband liked Strawberry but I kinda liked it but not a lot.  I opted to change my order to only chocolate on a monthly basis.  Instead of using ice to make smoothies, I used frozen strawberries/fruit to make it more tasty and healthy.  When we have overly ripe fruit, I cut it up into small pieces and freeze for smoothies for the kids anyway.  Fruit+yogurt+spinach+water= great smoothies.  Now I just do Shakeology+water+frozen fruit=smoothies.

Day 1 = morning we had Shakeology and some canteloupe.  Midmorning was Fiber Sweep + nectarines. Fiber Sweep was not the best tasting but better with ice cubes in blender.  Lunch was Vanilla Fresh plus vege stir fry with a bit of lemon juice and a bit of fresh garlic.  Snack was just green tea.  Dinner was another Shake with vege stir fry with some avocado with lemon juice and garlic.  I drank a lot of water and green tea.  I was full most of the time.  What really satisfied me were the hot food and the avocado.  Sometimes the coolness of the fruit was very refreshing.  It was harder for my husband to get used to the portions. He was more hungry and had to be more cognizant of what he was eating and drink more water.

Day 2 = morning we had Shakeology chocolate and some nectarine.  Midmorning was fibersweep and some canteloupe.  I had to make sure I drank plenty of water because it still tasted nasty to me.  Lunch was just the Shakeology to me because I was not too hungry at this point. I did drink a lot of green tea and water still.  I did have a hot dinner of stir fry veges with asparagus, snow peas, squash, tomatoes, and avocado with the Shakeology.

Day 3 = canteloupe with chocolate shakeology.  Midmorning with Fibersweep and lots of water. Glad no more of that.  Lunch was just some fruit since we had gone to the Farmer's Market the day before - berries.  Dinner was Shakeology with veggie stir fry with green beans, squash, tomatoes, and avocado.  Always with lots of water and green tea.

My weigh-in this morning - total pounds lost during the 3 days is 5 pounds.  I am pretty happy with that. I have lost 10 pounds since I have started this journey.  My husband lost a little more than my 5 pounds.  We have decided to do the 21 Day Fix together.

Whatever you decide to do in your journey, best of luck to you!

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