Saturday, August 09, 2014

Team Beachbody 3 Day Refresh Results

I just finished the 3 Day Refresh with Shakeology health shakes.  This was a trial run for me to see if I wanted to continue using their program on a regular basis.  I drink them more like a smoothie/shake with frozen fruit once a day substituted as a meal.  This will help with my weight loss and to assist with my protein/nutrition intake since I don't eat that much but my metabolism has really slowed down since I have hit menopause.

I decided that I was tired of being tired, lethargic, and out-of-shape because I was in meno.  I wanted to take my body and mind back.  I started to change my life back this summer.  I changed the way I ate and I started to exercise moderately so my body wouldn't complain so much.  I had already started to drop weight when I started this.  I wanted something that would fit into my lifestyle on an on-going basis.  I have been reading that women in meno/older women don't get enough protein.  I am one who doesn't like to eat a lot of meat as it is and doesn't think about alternative ways to do it. I have the same issues with dairy because I am asian.

My Team Beachbody coach, Joy Ross, asked me if I was interested in Shakeology or the 3 Day Refresh.  Initially, I was not and had to think about it a bit.  This is something you have to do for yourself and decide that you are ready to do it for you and no one else.  My husband was still on the fence about this and he paralleled what I did.  He did most of what I did and he still lost weight. He is convinced and wants to do the 21 day reset but wants to do with me.

What I did was order the 3 pack of chocolate/vanilla/strawberry to try the 3 flavors of Shakeology.  I found out that I liked the chocolate the most.  We both did not like Vanilla.  My husband liked Strawberry but I kinda liked it but not a lot.  I opted to change my order to only chocolate on a monthly basis.  Instead of using ice to make smoothies, I used frozen strawberries/fruit to make it more tasty and healthy.  When we have overly ripe fruit, I cut it up into small pieces and freeze for smoothies for the kids anyway.  Fruit+yogurt+spinach+water= great smoothies.  Now I just do Shakeology+water+frozen fruit=smoothies.

Day 1 = morning we had Shakeology and some canteloupe.  Midmorning was Fiber Sweep + nectarines. Fiber Sweep was not the best tasting but better with ice cubes in blender.  Lunch was Vanilla Fresh plus vege stir fry with a bit of lemon juice and a bit of fresh garlic.  Snack was just green tea.  Dinner was another Shake with vege stir fry with some avocado with lemon juice and garlic.  I drank a lot of water and green tea.  I was full most of the time.  What really satisfied me were the hot food and the avocado.  Sometimes the coolness of the fruit was very refreshing.  It was harder for my husband to get used to the portions. He was more hungry and had to be more cognizant of what he was eating and drink more water.

Day 2 = morning we had Shakeology chocolate and some nectarine.  Midmorning was fibersweep and some canteloupe.  I had to make sure I drank plenty of water because it still tasted nasty to me.  Lunch was just the Shakeology to me because I was not too hungry at this point. I did drink a lot of green tea and water still.  I did have a hot dinner of stir fry veges with asparagus, snow peas, squash, tomatoes, and avocado with the Shakeology.

Day 3 = canteloupe with chocolate shakeology.  Midmorning with Fibersweep and lots of water. Glad no more of that.  Lunch was just some fruit since we had gone to the Farmer's Market the day before - berries.  Dinner was Shakeology with veggie stir fry with green beans, squash, tomatoes, and avocado.  Always with lots of water and green tea.

My weigh-in this morning - total pounds lost during the 3 days is 5 pounds.  I am pretty happy with that. I have lost 10 pounds since I have started this journey.  My husband lost a little more than my 5 pounds.  We have decided to do the 21 Day Fix together.

Whatever you decide to do in your journey, best of luck to you!

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Mystery box winner from the Artistcellar blog hop for Marked Series Stencils

Patty S.  has graciously offered the mystery box to another person. This person is Ain't No Ninny!  The same applies as below.  Congrats!

 Ain't No Ninny said...
Love your gelli prints using the new stencils! And your paper adorable! You are a creating machine.

Drawn by random number generator. The winner has 24 hours to contact me via email (envelope next to comment box) or message me via Facebook with full name, mailing address, and email address.  I need this information to I can get the mystery box to you.  If I don't hear from you within 24 hours, another person will be selected from the blog hop comments to receive the mystery box.  Thanks to everyone who commented!

And the winner is ... Patty S !!!!  Congrats!

Her comment was

Patty S said...
I would like to use the stencils with fabric. Thanks for the opportunity!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Winner of Lynn K's Marked Series Stencils from Artistcellar's Blog Hop!

Winner picked from random number generator was Amy Malla!   Congrats!

The winner has 24 hours to contact me via email (linked through here), message me thru Facebook, etc, with full name plz, mailing address, and email so I can get the stencil set to you.  (If I don't hear from you within the 24 hours, another person will be selected from the comments to receive the stencil set.)  Thanks to everyone who commented!

 Here was her comment:

Amy Malla said...
WOW, love this blog hop - your art is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the way you made the house, cant wait to try myself with or without the stencils.

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

blog hop - Lynn Krawczyk's "Marked" Series Stencils from Artistcellar

Just this past weekend, I was playing with my recent order of Artistcellar stencils when I got asked to fill in for one of the artist spots for this blog hop.  Guess which set of stencils I was using to make prints on my Gelli plate to create a paper house for no particular reason?  Just because I felt like doing it while I sat and watched a movie.  Yes, it included Lynn K's new "Marked" series from Artistcellar. This was the project I was working on last weekend.

The house is held together with some washi tape on the outside. It is reinforced with masking tape on the inside.  It is sitting on a book while I am sitting on the couch watching some movie.  I have included the templates that I have used.  You are welcome to email me (right column of my blog), include it in the your comment, or message me in FB, if you would like a copy of the house templates.  If you include it in your comment, plz give me a place to send it. Thanks!

While I was playing with my new Artistcellar stencils, I used a Gelli plate, Pebeo acrylics, cards stock, Lynn K's new Marked series stencils, other Articellar stencils, washi tape, masking tape, house template, and brayer.

Here are the 4 stencils that are in the "Marked" series.  Here is what they look like out of the package and used with a lot of ♥

They are great abstract, texture, and background stencils.  Their broad design works well on paper and with fabric.  If you read to the end of this blogpost, you will find out how you can win your own, clean set of this fab stencils!

 Once asked to do the blog hop, I had to decide what projects to do with these stencils. If you know me, I have a tendency to do more than less. It is a teacher thing to over plan and to do more than less.

My first project was to give my first house a friend.  I did some more printing on the Gelli plate.  Yet, at the same time, I didn't want the tall house to have an exact twin, so I made the second house a different size.

Not all of the sides of the smaller house were done with printing. Some of the sides were done with Marked stencils + Pebeo iridescent paint mixed with gel medium to give it a little more texture.

Second project was something that is I always like to do since I love texture!  This is where I took a large sheet of watercolor paper and just randomly laid the stencils down in different places.  I used a palette knife to apply the paint/gel medium mixture to the watercolor paper.  If you want, you can apply a foundation color first, otherwise, you have to make sure the stenciled paint is completely dry before you can apply any other color to it.  Once the stencil mixture was dried, I applied a background color and different metallic/iridescent colors to the texured stenciled ridges to create contrast.

The edging was done with Tim Holtz's Distress Ink Pads.  Black, then Vintage Photo, then Red Brick for that burnt look without actually having to burn any edges at all. Ribbon is sari ribbon from Leilani Arts.

Third project was a ton of fun using some extra fabric that I had left-over from doing demos from the Quilt Show.  I love to tear and sew, tear and sew.  Quite a long time ago, I bought these spools from someone at a show and have been using them here and there for different projects.  They come in different sizes.  I made sure the widths of the fabric were smaller than the ends of the spool. I sewed together the different bits of printed fabric.  I also sewed the edged lengths to make sure they would not fray down the line. I also sewed the open end a bit turned over to make rolling open the fabric easier.

Here are some of my process pictures:

Basic Supplies that I used:

Now for the part that you've been waiting patiently reading through to get to.  Just comment below and you will get a chance to win your own set of Lynn K's "Marked" series Articellar set of 4 stencils (similar to the stencils you see above, except they will be new and clean!).  You have until July 6th to visit each of the blog hop artists and comment for your chance to win!

June 28 - Lisa Cousineau
June 29 - Melanie Testa
June 30 - Lisa Chin
July 1    - Jen Osborn
July 2    - Belinda Spiwak
July 3    - Kristin LaFlamme
July 4    - Ingrid Dijkers
July 5    - Guadalupe Cabal
July 6    - Lynn Krawczyk

If you are Pinterest fan, you can click on the link:  Marked Stencil Series

Thanks so much for taking an interest in my artwork and stencils, reading my blog, and commenting on the stencils ♥

Good luck!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fun drills at Little Windows Resin

Makes me want to play!  While you are there take a look at the dicro look projects.

My resin projects are here:

Have fun!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blog hop Pocket Stencil Set Winner!!!

Our first winner did not respond so  another winner was picked.

Melody, you have 48 hours to contact me via the email link with your name, email address, and mailing address plz.  If I don't hear from you within 48 hours of this post, I will pick a new winner. Congrats on winning the Pocket Stencil Set!

Here is the winner's comment by random number generator:

 Melody (lacyquilter) said...
Your projects are awesome!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Artistcellar Pocket Stencils Blog Hop - Stop #2 of 7!

When I first opened the envelope and saw these stencils on the metal ring, I said "friggin" adorable" over and over to myself as I looked them over and thought of all the different ways that I could use them.  I hope that the few projects that I have posted here shows how easy these stencils are to use while pumping up your creativity.  These stencils are NOT for ATCs only.

As an artist, I like to experiment, so sometimes, things don't always turn out the way I thought it out in my mind.  The fun is in the process and the surprise in the end result.  A lot of the times, my end result is not very structured and is kinda messy.  What I really liked about these stencils are the variety of shapes and words so that I could experiment.  Also, I really liked that the stencils come pre-punched with a hole for the metal ring so I can keep the stencils together for future use.

At the end of this post, you will see the list of blog hop artists, please visit them each day  and comment on their blogs so you will get a chance to win a set of Pocket Stencils (your choice from one of the fun 5 sets).  If you would like a set or two (or more) NOW, you can purchase them here at

One last thing, DON'T forget to comment at the end of this post for your chance to win one of the Pocket Stencil stencil sets!  What would I like to know in comments? I would like to know which of the stencil sets would you like to win or which one of the stencils from the sets is your fave?  Personally, I am grooving on the mini gears in the Steampunk set, crown in chakras, charity (heart) in the Mini Virtues set, and absolutely love, love, love, all the words in both sets of create words/virtue words sets.  Can't help that I love words since I'm a reading teacher. If I had to pick an absolute fave it would be the vintage key.  It can do so much.

 I used the stencils here with wood blocks and styrofoam blocks with a text paper background on watercolor paper.  The color was done with Derwent Watersoluble Inktense Blocks. Some the stencils were used with modeling paste plus acrylic paint and some with crackle paint. White marker was Uni-ball Signo.  Loved the look of the stitching - at least some of it!  The wood blocks were sanded and then colored brown first to provide contrast to the background and stenciled images.

I have always loved creating houses.  I thought that these stencils were the perfect sizes for this project. I had recently seen a technique where you sand magazine images over the stencil to get the stenciled image.  Hint:  Don't sand too aggressively or it goes through the paper every time and you sand into the stencil.  Sigh.  Great experiment where you can try different things with color and vibrancy to get the image to show through more.  I decided to not add color but just to leave it "as is".  The other side of the house is full of color, as you will see.  The word stencils were awesome for this project.

This side of the house was done on large sheets of watercolor paper.  I sprayed Clearsnap Smooch Spritz through the Pocket Stencils and got fantastic images.  I love using Spritz as an alternative to acrylic sprays.  I placed some of my favorite little fun things in the windows for contrast.  I love anything metal and buttons are always somewhere in my art.

As I created and cut the shapes for the blocks and houses, I used the extras for ATCs.  As I went along, I discovered that I could use just part of one stencil on an ATC, overlay 2 parts to create a different image, or use a wet wipe to erase part of the stenciled image to create an entirely different look.

Bonus:  Reference cards so you know what each image looks like and you know exactly what you have!

Hole-punched for organization.  Clean-up is easy.

Don't forget to go back and visit Lisa from yesterday. She has some fantastic artwork using these stencils!
Hope you enjoyed my artwork.  Here are the list of artists and the schedule:

May 31 Lisa Cousineau 

June 1 Belinda Spiwak 

June 2 Amy O'Toole

June 3 Lea Cioci

June 4 Lynn Krawczyk

June 5  Effy Wild

June 6 Tamara Laporte

Good luck and don't forget to comment each day at each artist's blog for your chance to win!

One last thing, I am hosting an Artistcellar ATC swap to celebrate this fab blog hop that I am participating in this week.  You will find the details on how to become part of this ATC swap in a separate post in this blog.