Saturday, May 28, 2005

Meander book for Zettizoo swap. OMG! This was such a fun thing for me to do. First, I did the background as a watercolor collage. One side was just a watercolor wash with some Twinkling H2Os thrown in. You can see it in this picture. Goes along with my story. All the same color - kind of boring, like Omar's life. The other side was done as a watercolor collage with different types of paper glued on. Second, I figured that since this was a meander BOOK - that it should have a story. I wrote the story first - enough for 16 panels and then did the art to fit the story. I used mostly the new collage sheets from Teesha Moore, or hope that I folded the book correctly. I did everything according to the instructions. I figured it was okay if it was slightly not right since it is Zetti - after all.E-mail me at if you want to know how to do the watercolor collage background. Posted by Hello

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