Saturday, May 28, 2005

Meander book story:1 -- One day, Omar came to the realization that he was tired of his boring, everyday existence. He needed a change.

2 -- Omar knew he needed a change but did not know what exactly he needed to change.

3 -- Omar thought that changing hats were just the thing he needed.

4 -- Or not.

5 -- Next, he tried on some different eyes so that he could get a different point of view.

6 -- The only problem was that he could not get the eyes to stay on his head. Oh, there was also the pesty problem of not being able to see with another pair of eyes on top of his. It was also a little goopy.

7 - Omar was in despair. Hats did not work. They only made his head hot. Changing eyes only changed his line of vision. Omar was very sad and still bored.

8 - Suddenly, it dawned on Omar that it just might be that he needed a body change.

9 - Omar went in search of the perfect body.

10 -- Omar tried on the first new body that he could find. No, that wasn�t right.

11 - Omar then tried on a different shape. He was in horrible shape and thought a new one would do the trick. No, it only made him feel like he had to find the circumference using PI and the diameter of his new body.

12 - Maybe it was the body material that was wrong and just not the body. Oh, this just made his body itch and feel like he was the Blob.

13 - OoohhH! Maybe he just needed a new sexy body with a nice pair of boobs to match. That would make him feel better. But alas, that only made his back hurt because he did not have a good support bra.

14 - Maybe this would be right.

15 - Or maybe this one.

16 - In the end, Omar decided to just ditch the bodies, the eyes, put on his old hat, and would go to Belinda�s to do some art. That would cheer him up. Being cut up, glued down, and altered into something different was just the thing he needed.

Moral: Don�t go searching to change your outsides when all you need to do when you are feeling bored is to become the focal point in someone else�s art.
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Becca said...

fabulous! really!

Melisa said...

I came to see your book shrine above, and I like it very much, but this little meander book I am in love with. I haven't heard of them before and am off to see what I can find out about them. Do more!