Thursday, June 02, 2005

This the latest thing that I am working on. The inside is done and I am working on the cover right now. This is the 2nd book shrine that I have done. The background is done with light molding paste mixed with Golden's liquid acrylics. I cut out the niche first with a blade. That took awhile. I then used mod podge to seal the pages and back cover together. Easiest way to do that is to put a piece of wax paper over it (larger than the book), close the front cover, and then put a heavy book on top of it. Wipe the excess that comes out of the sides. Let dry completely before peeling wax paper off. I mixed the acrylics right into the light molding paste. I then used my finger to apply it heavily to the book. You need to get all your stuff ready beforehand so that you can put them in the molding paste while the paste is still wet. I just pushed the objects into the molding paste. I used a little diamond glaze on the heavier watch pieces to anchor it. Once dry, only one piece fell off. The little ribbon buckles on the top and right of the large niche are from The 3 silver circles are regular mailing tags. I got mine from Viking Office Supply. The torso in the lower left is acrylic from outsidethe The faux optical lense at the lower right is from The watch parts are from The little clocks are from Images are Zetti. Once it was all dry, I used my finger and applied a light coat of interference green to the whole thing cause I thought the gold was a little too bright. Posted by Hello

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