Sunday, May 22, 2005

Reply to Becca

Hi. I usually use mod podge, a half and half mixture of Sorbo glue. If I am going to beeswax it, I just use some mono adhesive to keep it down before putting the beeswax down. I also use diamond glaze as an adhesive for objects. Diamond glaze will hold most smaller objects. I use the mod podge matte or sorbo glue mixture for paper. Don't use glossy unless that is the look you are looking for. Glossy really changes the look of your piece. If you want to use Sorbo glue or gel medium matte, just mix half water and half glue/medium in a container. Stir with cheap brush. Do that periodically when using. I usually brush on some on the background - such as your canvas and then on top. This is also a great way to glue down serendipity squares. I think it works better than glue stick. Let me know how your first canvas turns out!

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Becca said...

thank you!! have been away from blogging for a few days ... so glad to find this.