Sunday, May 22, 2005

This is an example of analogous color study for my designedlykristi color class. I did this watercolor collage at a Dick Beymer workshop yesterday. I took different types of Japanese papers, watercolored them, let dry, and then glued them onto 300# watercolor paper. I also used art paper as branches. I also added different types of printed paper for texture. Once dried, I used different shade of watercolors and H2Os to bring out the flowers. Posted by Hello

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Becca said...

I am doing collage for the first time ever because of your work. What do you use to adhere paper to canvas? ... gel medium? Can I put a glossy gel medium over an entire canvas if I use something else to paste it on? I am also painting (acrylics) as well as using mixed media of ribbon ... lace ... textiles of all kinds. It's the adhesive that has got me stumped.