Sunday, June 05, 2005

Once you have torn up your different types of paper into smaller pieces, you glue them onto the watercolor paper with a glue wash. I use Sobo glue. It is half glue and half water. Make sure you use a cheap brush! This is actually a different sheet of watercolor paper than from the book spread. I forgot to do the watercolor wash first. I will fill in the white spots with watercolor later. You would want to do the watercolor wash first - easier that way. When you glue down the papers, you need to put some glue wash under the paper as well as on top. It stays down better that way. I slosh down a layer of glue over a section of the paper and then start layering. When done, I put a layer of glue wash on top to make sure the papers stay down. Let dry completely on wax paper or on top of newspaper. Posted by Hello

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