Sunday, June 05, 2005

This is the tearing part. You need to find different papers that interest you. Thinner type is better like the Japanese papers - mulberry, masa, art papers, tissue paper, Thai banana, etc...I also add in some waffle paper that I use on my bulletin boards at school and the faux bark-like paper for a different texture. It is just harder to glue on your collage elements with the thicker paper because the texture becomes bumpy. I like bumpy though. The pieces of paper on the left margin are actually pieces of white Japanese papers that I saturated with watercolor. You can also use art paper and mulberry paper to do this (which is a type of Japanese paper, I did not know that). You need watercolor, water, paper plate, and paper towels to do this. Tear up the white Japanese paper into pieces or strips. Use a larger brush and dip into one or two colors and saturate the piece of paper. You can add another color when wet or dry for a different effect. No more than 2-3 colors or it becomes muddy. Let dry on the paper towel. The Japanese papers will also pick up the colors left on your paper plate. The piece of paper at the botton with the burgundy stripe and circles was done with alcohol inks on a large sheet of paper. I buy all papers I used for this at my local Dick Blick art store. They sell the Japanese and other fun papers in large sheets. Posted by Hello

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