Friday, August 26, 2005

Here are some examples on how you can use serendipity squares. I used store and restaurant receipts to do this with some misc. scrap paper added in for contrast. The top two ATCs are finished ones that I made for Pam Yee in my Art Explorations Yahoo group. The bottom two are unfinished technique examples. The great thing about serendipity squares is that the backgrounds are so interesting that you need minimal collage elements to finish it. You don't want to cover up the background! I am also working on BJ's Flat self RR book. I need to finish it because I am going to see her tomorrow. I am winding down on AB RRs and will not be doing any more for awhile unless it is Zetti. I am not having as much fun doing them as before. The muse is not coming to me on that any more. For me, things are better when they are changing. I get bored when things are stagnant instead of static. On another OT, I am finishing up the last little piece on the inside binding of my second Michael DeMeng workshop book shrine. I am not liking it even half as much as my first one. I am going to put that book up for sale. It was a lot of work to just send to someone as a RAK. Hmmm. Would that make me a professional artist then? I have not sold any of my artwork before. I have always given it away. Okay, I am done thinking out loud now - bad teacher habit used for modeling purposes. I will stop now. Posted by Picasa

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