Monday, August 01, 2005

I was so inspired by the workshop this weekend that I went home yesterday and did 5 matchbook shrines. This looks more busy than it really is in this scan. All the collage images are from Teesha Moore. I call these 5 my "Zemengish" matchbook shrines . Yes, I made that word up just now. Tells you how much Zetti art I do. I went and lit the matches in the matchbook with my cigar lighter. Watch out! It flashes quickly. I quickly learned where my fingers needed to be so I would not have a scorched left hand. I did it on my porch so my house would not smell. I also did not want to accidentally set off the smoke detector. All mine are all connected. One goes off and they all do. I used this great yellow handmade paper with brown all over it as the backing. I used a little vintage photo and black soot distressed ink to get the more burned look around all the edges and have the background blend more with the matchbook work. Yes, I layered and layered paint. I used some metallic and brighter acrylic paints for the highlights. This first one actually has the least red in it. I was very happy with all 5 of my matchbook shrines. Posted by Picasa


Carla N. said...

Hi Belinda,
I saw your post on Michael's group. I LOVE what you did in his class. These matchbook shrines are to die for!

great work


Lara said...

That's striking! I've never seen a matchbook shrine. What's on the bottom of the shrine=> burned paper?