Sunday, November 20, 2005

UTEE and melting pot

We all go through phases. Mine lately has been using UTEE shapes as part of my backgrounds. I still love metals and play with that all the time. I think part of the problem is when I go to the Suze Weinberg site, I go there to look at UTEE colors and to get ideas to see what I can do next with the UTEE. I keep going back because I keep getting new ideas and think about what variations that I can make. I got the melting pot awhile ago and never did anything with it. I then took a Suze workshop at CHA this past summer. Well, I have been bringing it out and burning my fingers ever since. My beeswax has gone on the back burner. I like to make shapes and words from inked stamps. I like to do the mosaic stones technique that she shows in her site. It looks great with Pearl EX. I am going to use the backgrounds for altered tyvek pins. Of course, I never wear the stuff I make. I sell it, swap it, or give it to online friends. Just wanted to share.

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