Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tyvek Pin

This is my version of a tyvek pin. The Art Explorations group is doing it for their November technique. Marilyn is tyvek and Bevlea is the tyvek pin part. Bevlea does her with a CD in the background and I do mine with a piece of UTEE in the background. The UTEE was done with a melting pot. Melt the UTEE with a couple of different colors. Pour onto heat resist sheet. Immediately sprinkle some Pearl Ex on top and press into UTEE with preinked stamp (preinked with pigment ink of choice). Press lightly because weight of stamp will push itself down. Carefully peel UTEE off stamp when cool enough to touch. Cut into desired sections while still warm or it will shatter. Altered puzzle piece as part of background. Whole other technique. Tyvek was painted with various colors of gold and Adirondack acrylic paints. Heat until crumbly in a well ventilated area. Cut to size needed. I used Sobo glue. Little face from Teesha Moore collage sheet. Used one of those little plastic clear bubbles on top of it. Attached wire and beads. Used a little glitter glue to accent pin. That's it. Done.

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