Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tired but can't sleep

I am going to be so tired later on today! The kids got up early on Christmas Eve and convinced us to let them open up their presents. Santa is bringing them presents today. My parents and sister are giving them a lot of presents today also. I have spent a big part of my day taking things out of boxes, untying the wire that held the toy to the box. They are the biggest pain in my butt. I also did a little art. I just finished doing some ATCs to put in my last mini zine for a mini zine swap. I pulled out the beeswax to do some beeswax ATCs and I also worked on my website. I have had the domain for while but have not had time to set it up. It is I still need to work on it but a couple of pages are done. I finished the cover on one of my ABs with beeswax and brown shoe polish. I worked on the inside of one of my ABs so I can put it up for exhibition next year. I also dribbled some beeswax on some watercolor paper for texture. I want to do some painting over the texture. Time to give up for awhile. Well, I am starting to fall asleep. Time for some tea and raspberry pie before I go to sleep.

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