Thursday, December 01, 2005

Top is the right side of the spread and the one here next to the text is the left side of the spread. Yes, I am always learning more and more about how to use my blog. This is a spread I did in someone's Zetti Journal RR. Her colors were blue, orange, and yellow. Background is Golden's Transparent Red Oxide - which looks orange. Dry brushed that on and then put on some yellow acrylic paint on top of that. That was also dry brushed. Used a piece of punchinella and blue dye ink on a sponge to get the blue punchinella dots background. The tape measure tape is from some teacher store. Wings to the right are made from metal. The wings on the top image are from serendipity sheets. Face/images from Teesha Moore at Text reads, " Do we always need wings to fly? Do not our thoughts carry us away?" The text on the top page says, "Take time to fly away". I can't wait to see what my journal looks like when it gets home.

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