Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tyveks pins that I did for the Art Explorations November Swap. The background is done with Suze Weinberg's UTEE and a stamp that I got from her site. The background looks so shiny because I used Pearl Ex. The texture is tyvek painted with Lumiere and Adirondack acrylics. Then I heated it with a heat gun. Make sure you are in a well ventilated place to do this. The tyvek I used were from used Post Office priority envelopes. Yes, I save those when I get them from other people. I painted the backside a gold color since it crumples up when you heat it. Keep the heat gun moving or it will burn. I glued on the tyvek with some diamond glaze. I found some small metal pieces and put those on. Have tons of metal pieces. I cut a tiny bottle cap in half and put the little rings in that. I used some alcohol inks to color the metal so it would not look so shiny. I used some irredescent gold paint to highlight some of the areas on the tyvek. I then took some glitter glue and some of Suze's bead stuff on the tyvek. Let dry completely. When done, I used some cool pin backs that have the pin part and a pendant piece on there. It is a sort of all-in-one type of deal. I got those from for a very reasonable price. It is actually called a pin bar with bail (pendant part). It is under charms on her site. Check out my punchinella stuff in her gallery while you are there. I usually don't like shiny but for some reason, I love shiny UTEE. I usually hate glitter because it gets all over but I am beginning to like it for certain applications. Tell me what you think. No, really - comment!!!

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Mim Smith Faro said...

Okay...I'll comment!

I like the composition of #1 better than #2 but I like the colors of #2 better than #1. I like the triangular shape of the first. The blues and orangish golds look great together in the second.

I haven't gotten into burning stuff like that. You're brave ;)