Saturday, April 22, 2006

Many Faces of Jonathan Talbot - Layers

I did this for a challenge for the Midwest Collage Society and decided to turn it into a postcard to send to Jonathan Talbot. Do we not all have many layers and different textures? Do we not want to reach out and touch those layers and feel the textures? Are some of them hidden? Do some of them not want to come out? What happens when they do? Is it those layers and textures within ourselves that prevent us from accomplishing what we want to do? Do those layers fold back in when we desire something but are afraid to reach out and grab it? Do the textures allow us to reach out and take hold? There are many books and cards and other stuff out there aimed at finding our different selves within us. I really wonder though if I really want to know who they are. Do you really want to know what is there if you peeled back the layers?

Back to the postcard, I thought of Jonathan right away when I did this for the challenge. He had a lot of layers that he peeled back and exposed during his workshop.

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christinemm said...

I really enjoy this collage. Great work!