Friday, May 05, 2006

Collage RR background using Golden Acrylic Paints

Okay, I did mine a little differently than most people because I am involved in 9 rounds total. 8 of them are using 1/2 sheets of 22x30 cold pressed watercolor paper 140#. The last swap is private and I am using a full sheet. BJ and I are art buddies that see each other for monthly Mixed-Media Artists meetings. We swap sheets when we see each other. I did 1/2 sheets with the rest of the group so that it would be less intimidating and easier to mail. Since I had to do 8 half sheets, I did them all at once. I put out a long tarp in my art loft. I took a jar of iridescent gold paint that only was 1/4 full. I added in some nickel azo gold, interference oxide green, and a few blue shades. I mixed it up in the jar and slathered it on. I like to use iridescent gold as a base (sometimes mixed with other colors) because I like the bright sheen it adds to my work. Parts of the background will pop out more as more work is done to the sheets. Anyway, I just added in different shades of greens, blues, yellows, reds, oxides, interference colors each time until I got a color I liked. I just kept adding the Golden acrylics in the tube and the fluid acrylics. You can see the iridescent gold shimmering through in each pict. This was a very fun mixiong experiment for me. I figured that a lot of the backgrounds would be covered up anyway since each sheet would be in so many different hands. I will scan the one I did for my private swap with BJ and with the first one received from one of the regular rounds of the RR.

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