Wednesday, July 26, 2006

CHA: Ranger sepia and crackle accents

Click on the images for a bigger and more clear image. The top zettiology image is untouched. The second one is using the sepia accents. The face was done in a light layer. I put on a couple of light layers, it goes slightly darker each time. I also put on a thick section around her mouth direct from the bottle. It comes with a little applicator at the end. I did try the crackle accents on her right eye but you really can't see it. I did put on the crackle accents on the middle little geisha beauty in the 3rd picture. You can definitely see the crackle. This is direct from bottle - thick coat like you would diamond glaze. I tried it with a thin coat on the zettiology image (pict 2) and it did some feathering but not as noticeable. Love it when my experiments work!

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