Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cedar Point, Ohio

Click on the title to get to their website. We went last weekend for a short vacation - long weekend. We left on Friday and immediately hit traffic getting out of the Chicagoland area. We arrived a lot later than we thought we would. My dh booked this vacation and I was kinda scared about where we would be staying. Last time it was in a shed (that is a story in itself). We stayed inside the park. It is really quite beautiful out there. Cedar Point amusement park is on an island. We went through a long bridge on the water to get there. You can walk to most everything in the park even though there are shuttles. It is RV heaven there. I thought that was funny because we saw the Robin Williams' movie "RV" after we got home. We ended up staying in our own log cabin on site. It was really quite nice. We had a small master bedroom with TV, kitchenette with small fridge and microwave, small bathroom, and small living room area with TV. There were two futon couches that folded out to beds for the kids. There was a short loft area on the second floor where the kids loved to play.

You definitely do a lot of walking while you are there. I brought my daughter's old fold-up stroller. She is quite tall for her age but still fit. That was a lifesaver because she is not a walker and is really heavy. I like this amusement park more than King's Island because it is more small kid friendly. There were more kiddie rides and intermediate rides that my 7 year-old liked. They were not too scary for him. He is a little too young for roller coasters. We won a lot of stupid stuffed animals in the park. I won a huge-O snake the first time I played against 7 other people! Don't expect good food there. It was basic and kinda tasteless out there for my palette. The coffee was like teawater to me. The doughnut place serving Starbucks was not as strong as the Starbucks here. We also spent some time at their waterpark right next to the amusement park. The kids loved it. It was very warm and sunny while we were there. I tan very easily and came home with a great tan without even trying. I am past the age that I even care about tanning anymore. I care more about putting sunscreen on my kids. They also had a separate pool there that was way to cold and the sauna had tepid water - not hot. Another hotel on the property next to the park had its own beach and that was really nice. The kids had a lot of fun running around, playing in the water, and building sand castles.

It was a good thing that we left on Monday. It was cloudy out and started to rain a little bit after we left the park. If you ever go, then I recommend that you stay at Lighthouse Point (cabins) or Hotel Breakers which is right next to the park. Lighthouse Point was across the parking lot. I do not recommend Sandcastle Suites. The beach was not as nice there and it looked kind of older and less nice than Hotel Breakers. We did not go to Castaway Bay but they have their own waterpark. My dh commented that we have several waterparks in hotels a lot closer to us.

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