Saturday, September 16, 2006

More dabber samples

Here are some examples of what I have done with dabbers. I know that they are a convenience item. The problem is that they are so darned fun to play with when I am not working on my exhibit stuff. Yes, I use mostly Golden for exhibit stuff, but dabbers are great for my postcard art. I like to use them with my foam stamps. My favorite foam stamps right now are from Junkitz. I also like to play with the Heidi Swapp masks. You can get them from Frances is a great friend and very reliable supplier of Ranger stuff.

The top one is the backside of a postcard that I am about to send out to someone from So is the 3rd one. The stamped images were done with dabbers. The trick is to dab them and not swipe them across the stamp. Just lightly dab until the stamp is covered and then stamp on your surface. Do it quickly or it will dry on you.

The second scan is of 4 postcard sized pieces I did when I felt like playing. The backgrounds and stamped images all done with dabbers.

The last one is 5x7 and done at the last meeting of the Midwest Collage Society. The background is all dabbers. I used the green around the image so that it would contrast more. I made the lines with a black sharpie.

You can get punchinella from Punchinella is the a metallic like sheet of holes - sequin waste.

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Rachel Greig said...

LOVE your postcards!!! I'm also a member of Postcrossing, so hope we cross paths (so to speak!) someday!