Friday, September 08, 2006

Ranger's/Tim Holtz's Adirondack acrylic Dabbers

Click on the title and it will take you to the Ranger site where the dabbers are. Well, I have been waiting for these for awhile now. I was hoping that they would be in before I taught my Textures class at the end of August. No such luck. They did come in though - finally! I teach sometimes at a great local art gallery called Artful Gatherings. Well, she got her order in! I have them in all the colors. The only thing missing is black and white. Would like black more since I use that color a lot.

Tim Holtz had demo'ed it for me during CHA. I wanted a sample to show Alice at the gallery. I figured that I would be showing her how they worked, so I had to know first! It is supposed to work on glass and metal. The metal was okay but it took a long time to dry. I would still use GAC 200 first. Alice did a very cool floral scene with the dabbers on a piece of glass.

+ Take the cap off and shake well. Bring the paint down to the dabber. Dab until the paint starts to flow. Some did flow more freely than others. Some took more muscle and dabbing. I used an old envelope and dabbed on that.
+You can combine colors while the bottom layer is still wet. The dabber might be contaminated but the paint will not be. Just dab on scratch paper until contaminated color is gone. Tim said that it would not dry out even if the cap was left off. Can't remember why.
+If you want the dry brush look, then lightly swipe the surface with a dabber. Just go back and forth lightly.
+I tried it on both foam and regular stamps. Detailed stamps are not as good as wide ones. You need to dab on the paint, not swipe. Swiping will give you a layer that is too thin and it will dry out too quickly. I dabbed and the images came out great.
+Punchinella and stencils work great with it. Dab and swipe.
+Lightly dab the dabber on a surface and you can get a stippled effect.
+For circles, dab 3 or 4 times in the same place and then swirl.

The orange background with blue and purple on it -Zetti focal image. I used a Heidi Swapp mask there. You can google that or get it online at eBay. Just make sure your bottom layer of paint is dry before putting the mask on there. The adhesive on the mask can take off part of your background color if it is still wet.

Is it worth it? Yes! It is a great convenience item. Can use it for journaling and for covering books. I will be using it all the time for my workshops and mailart. This is the first time I have had time to play in the last two weeks (start of school). I think that you can do most anything with the dabbers that you can do with acrylics.

I still want it in black. Sleepy now, need to get a catnap in before getting up for school.

OOPPPssss! Need to give credit and sources for stuff in case anyone wants to get it. Andirondack acrylic dabbers available through In Aurora area, you can get it from Artful Gatherings. Paisley foam stamp from Junkitz. Serendipity and woman stamp from Stamper's Anonymous/Tim Holtz. Flower mask from Heidi Swapp. B&W image on same card is zettiology. Cab card image from private collection. Little martian guy from Judikins.

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