Saturday, September 02, 2006

Life getting in the way of art

This last week was my first official week back at school. I was at a two-day Kagan workshop the week before. That only left me 3 days to get my room ready for the start of school. I had moved rooms and moved up one grade. It was not enough time for me to unpack and organize. I ended up having my 6th graders do some labeling and organizational stuff for me. I had to go in there to clean, unpack, and put my stuff all away in a smaller room. It was like starting over again. I did not have any lesson plans ready. I did them all this week for the next couple of weeks. The curriculum is different in several ways but some of it is still similar. Lots of testing was done the first week so I could place them in groups. I ended up getting it all done but it took a lot of time and little sleep to get it all done. I feel much better now about the upcoming week. I am grateful for the 3 day weekend.

On a personal note, the sinus infection that kicked my butt and kept me in bed 4 days resurfaced. I had been okay all summer and it just hit me a couple of weeks ago. I am on my second course of antibiotics. The sinus stuff has been a lot better since sinus surgery last fall. I have not done any art in over a week. Zachary was in a soccer tournament today and he scored the only goal out of the two games they played today!

Have not done any art in the last week! Teaching the Textures class last week does not count! I need to do 3 collage RR canvases this weekend and send them off. I need to work on some pieces for my upcoming exhibit. I am so far behind in my mailart postcards. I need to finish off a few Artgirl love beads.

I will definitely be doing some art in the next couple of weeks once things settle more into a routine for me! Come back to see what I will be exhibiting. I have lots of ideas on what I can do. The problem is just sitting down and doing it.

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Anonymous said...

Belinda, You sound very busy, we miss you on the groups but take care and rest up.
Rosalie Ackerson