Wednesday, October 11, 2006

So sad that a door is closing

Artful Gatherings will be closing their doors sometime in December. One of the owners recently had a stroke and is recovering. I am so happy that he is okay and is progressing from such an unexpected and deadly thing. My grandmother had a few strokes. That is what eventually lead to her death a couple of years ago. Bad memories surfaced for me when this happened. I identified with it so personally.

I am so sad that this gallery is closing. I have eaten many sweet potato fries in that place. I had the chance to teach a workshop there. I had gone to many art meetings and workshops there. They were just starting to get in some really good art supplies, too. Their Articulations this past summer was wonderful. I am glad that they decided to go ahead with my exhibit/show with 3 other women. If not, then I would have had lots of framed artwork to put on my walls.

I wish I did not feel so sad that they are closing. I know that it was very difficult for them because they put their heart and soul into Artful Gatherings. It takes something disasterous to happen to really put your priorities into perspective. AG opened up a lot of opportunities for artists like me. I guess it is time for all of us to meander into other directions.

I wish them the best and hope to see them often in the future. Thanks for all the sweet potato fry conversations and art memories.

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