Saturday, October 07, 2006

Too much on my mind

My dh is away this weekend. So, it is just me and the kids. I spent most of the day driving my kids around. I dropped off my son at soccer practice and went to pick up my pieces that I got framed for my exhibit coming up at the end of this month. They had problems finding the paperwork. It was my second time coming in. The first time, they could not find the paperwork and they put a sawtooth on the back when I had asked for wire. No gallery will take the sawtooth thingies.

Right after my son's soccer practice, I took my daughter to her soccer. The only thing about this one is that I participate, too. Usually, my dh takes her. I don't like the way the soccer coach runs it. I think we are going to switch when this session is over. The teacher in me gets bugged by this.

We grab a quick lunch and then it is off to a party for my son. I let my son wrap the presents. That was a lot of fun. While my son is at the bowling party, my daughter and I watch the Little Mermaid. Well, I kinda watched. I colored in some alphabet stencils while watching. Had to go and pick up my son. We stayed home, watched TV, and ate mac and cheese (their request). I just finished 30 of the covers for the Technique Book. I ran out! I don't believe how many people requested it. Well, I am done after this batch. It is over for me. You should see how dirty my fingers are from the Color Wash. It does not come out! Worse than reinker.

I have so much running through my mind. I want to work on mailart postcards but I know that I need to do a few more pieces for the exhibit. My art rug is not nearly done yet but I don't feel like doing composition right now. I would love to do another book shrine. I am thinking about doing a Warhol type of piece with acrylics. I just want to do geometrics lately. I also want to use the faux rusted iron background and do a metal piece with it. I want to do some metal embossing. So much on my mind! So many ideas! I am overwhelmed with creativity, but not motivated to start on anything in particular. So, I watched a movie on the portable DVD player while doing Tech Book covers. I think I am going to make myself some tacos and watch Food TV while trying to sort out what I really want to do next. One good thing came from my art inactivity, I got the first floor tidied up. Just need to go and do the dishes now. That will wait until tomorrow. Might get some of the Color Wash off my fingers.

I also watched the new Traci Bautista DVD. I want to try the fabric book she made on the DVD. Have a sewing machine now! Don't have all the stuff I need though. No silent fabric or whatever it is and rug hooking stuff. I am not sure if I still have any crochet needles - I crocheted when I was bedridden during my pregnancy. Just my opinion about the DVD, it was pretty good, if you like to do what she does. I might try a few things. The "um, um, um" drove me to distraction and I needed to pause it periodically, do something else, and then come back to it so I could focus. I think my students will thank me one day for breaking them of their "um" and "okay, okay" habits.

I am literally going for my midnight snack now. I will put my exhibit pieces on my website soon. I will announce in my Yahoo groups and probably on my blog when I get around to it. Night!

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