Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fusion papers before drying

Here is what they look like wet. I took a piece of clean freezer paper and pressed it against the my fusion creation and used my hands to smooth it down to get the fibers down, mix the squiggles a little, and to press down any loose pieces of paper. I did it around midnight and it is still wet in places at 5 am. Will leave it until after school before trying to peel it from the freezer paper. My experiment with the fibers and two sheets of freezer paper did not work. The diamond glaze was not drying between the two sheets of freezer paper. When I pulled them apart, some of the fiber came up with it. I just scraped that off and put it back on the original sheet. I used my fingers to even it out a little and pressed them back into place. I will see later on today if it will peel off in a sheet and if the fibers are all glued together.


forgottenchild said...

These are the most beautiful fusion papers that I have ever seen! You ahve an incredible talent and I cannot wait for my funky journal kit!

Bev said...

Wow! What cool paper. How lumpy are the finished pages? Could you write on them or only collage? I have to try this after the Christmas holidays. Thanks for sharing.