Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Playing with my fusion papers

Have I ever told you that when I play - I play!!! I had the most fun doing this. If you want to play, too, then go to the Art Techniques group and join us. We are swapping this technique this month. We do a different technique each month. Members volunteer to teach a technique. Participation is not mandatory. Lurkers are welcome even though I would like to hear from you once in awhile. We are very friendly and very supportive. We play a lot and post our creations.

I tried the fusion technique but with my own twist. I started out the same way with spritzing water on freezer paper and then a layer of mod podge. I put down some napkins and sewing pattern paper. I liberally put on mod podge as I went along. I found that spraying a little water on the papers and paper towels helped to keep them in place a little while I painted the mod podge over them. I liked the dictionary print and paper towels the best. I recently bought a couple of packages of handmade paper from someone and they came in really handy. I just tore strips and randomly placed them over the freezer paper. I then took some diamond glaze with gold pearl ex and painted that on top. I still was not that groovin on it. I then proceeded to put on small pieces of fiber and strips of cloth randomly all over it. I put on a thin layer. I just took a handful of fibers and cloth strips and cut randomly over my freezer paper. I used my hands to distribute a little more evenly. After that, I took my Adirondack acrylics and squirted the bright colors all over it so I got a ton of different squiggle lines. I took a fresh sheet of freezer paper - shiny side to my creation and put it on top of it. I used my hand to smooth down the fibers, cloth strips, and any papers that were sticking up. I then peeled it off. A little was stuck on the top freezer sheet. I just peeled that off and placed in in bald spots on my creation. I was so groovin on it that I did two freezer sheets of it. I had some stuff leftover, so I painted the bottom layer of freezer paper with mod podge and then proceeded to randomly cut fibers and cloth strips all over the freezer paper. I did it until the entire sheet was filled generously. I squirted some sobo on the top so that the fibers would stick to each other and the freezer paper. I did the squirt thing again with the Adirondack acrylics. I applied a coating of diamond glaze liberally to another sheet of clean freezer sheet and placed that on top. I smoothed it down but a lot came up this time when I separated the sheets. So, I stuck the fibers and cloth strips back on, filled it in some more, and then pressed the same freezer sheet on top. I am keeping it on there until tomorrow. Not sure what will happen, but it was fun anyway. I will have wasted a little fiber and some freezer paper if it does not work. Will post picts tomorrow when dried.

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Sandy said...

Way cool Belinda, I love it. What happened with the last sheet that you left covered with the diamond glaze. Did these dry and peel off, leaving you with one colorful and funky sheet of paper?