Thursday, November 02, 2006

People's work at Michael deMeng workshop

Michael's workshops are always worth the price of admission. I got a lot accomplishedd - exhausted yet very satisified with what I did. I actually worked on them some more after I got home - I was almost late for work Monday morning because I was adjusting them. The pieces that came out of this workshop was fantastic! They were all very original. I was very happy with my pieces. I worked much more instinctively than I have done for a very long time. I tried not to think about it too much. I just took metal pieces that interested me and went at it. Composition is getting easier for me and more intuitive as I keep doing more and more assemblage and collage. It was fun to meet more people. Lia was wonderful - my O'Riley Farm roommate. Kathy was a wonderful hostess. Had good snackies and coffee for us all the time. Her space was expanded this year so that there was a lot more room and we each had our own tables. She had lots of fun stuff to sell. Michael sold a lot of Golden paints for her. I love Golden anyway. I saw some people from previous Valley Ridge workshop - Hi, Susie! Hi, Oma Susan! I met some new people - Hi, Kevin! Hi, Liz. Thanks to the person who gave me pins. There are several shots of other people's work from this workshop. My finished pieces are after that. You can go down after that and see my work for an exhibit that just started yesterday! You can also see the matchbook ATC that won most original at an ATC exhibit with over 4000 ATCs. That was too cool. I did that ATC right after I got home from Michael's book shrine class last year. That was from my first batch of matchbook pieces. Thanks for the inspiration, Michael. You've got some good karma there!! BTW, Michael will have a book coming out next May (I think). You need to buy the book just for the cover artwork. Look out for it being available through his website. You can see the cover if you click on the link to his site. If you get it from him, he will autograph it and everything!!! I just love the cover. Can't wait. People who know me know that I don't buy too many art books anymore. This is a must-have for found object fans, outsider art enthusiasts, and people who love eye candy.

BTW, people at the workshop said it was okay for me to post their artwork. I was truly amazed that the unique pieces that came out of this workshop.

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