Saturday, November 04, 2006

today's progress on my funky journal for the swap

This is what I have done so far. I will have to finish it up with some embellishments, some metal pieces, and maybe some more stamps. I might add in some pockets and stuff later on. I will have to go through some of my kids' old clothes and take their pockets off. I am having too much fun with the little sewing machine. I went and got some colorful thread. I even threaded the machine right the first time after I threaded the bobbin. Yes, this machine is good for sewing idiots like me. It is also small enough and slow enough to give me some control to make some designs. If you look at the second pict from the bottom, you will see what I doodled all over it. I then sewed a piece of thin, white cloth with flowers all over it. You can see the broad, darker doodles underneath. Will need to remember to doodle with dark, broad markers in the future. I was even able to sew a flower on one side and a heart on the other side. Remember, you will be creating for two sides if you are doing the swap. You will be folding the page in half to sew it into the signature. I am probably going to cut some of the pages in half so that the book is not so big sizewise. I like the idea of a smaller book. The top pict is me sewing on a piece of paper towel and then stamping all over it with dabbers and foam stamps. Second one is just stamping with dabber paints and foam stamps. I LOVE the foam stamps from Junkitz. I got the try them at CHA this past summer. Bottom pict is same thing.

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