Sunday, December 03, 2006

My 1" squares

Click on the picts for a larger view. I will post instructions to my website in the next day or so on how to do the paint scraping. The first and third picts are full watercolor sheet examples of paint scraping. Once that dried, I cut part of the sheet into 1" squares. The sheet I used was from one of three sheets that I did at one time. The last pict are of background squares from paint scraping. The second pict are of the finished squares. I used a lot of old dictionary pages and Zetti collage images. I did not fill the squares because I wanted some of the background to show through. I edged with gold paint pen. I am going to use most of them as mail art. I am going to send out postcards with the 1" squares on them.


lia said...

these are FANTASTIC! I love them, thanks for saying what you did. love the technique and colors!

Chris in OlyWA said...

Hi Belinda:

I'm a new member of Art Techniques, and I must say, I too, am enchanted with the 1" squares concept. I love what you've done with them and am rushing right over to put my name on the postcard list. Thanks very much for sharing!

Chris in OlyWA