Thursday, November 30, 2006

The charm bracelet on the left is the one that will be given away in the Art Techniques group. I did not make the chunky bracelet but I did make all the charms hanging from it. The bracelet on the right was all made by me. I did not make the beads that make up the bracelet but I put them together. I did make all the charms. This is a very fun thing for me.


Anonymous said...

These are super cool. I am so looking forward to the swap. I am finally moving forward with my charms!

Shari said...

Hey Belinda---I just love what you are doing with the charms (just as I love everything that you do!). I miss seeing you and I hope we can get together soon. I haven't started my charms yet---I do have a plan and they are the next thing on my list. I was practicing on the copper sheeting and I broke my drill bit on my cheapie immitation dremyl! I've been using Steve's drill--but it is a really clunky "man tool". Probably should put a real dremyl on my Xmas list!!
love you, shari
P.S. Hope you didn't have to go to school in the snow today. Do you want to go to the Midwest Collage Society Xmas meeting on Sunday? Too long for a blog comment!!! Try to call tomorrow.

Chris in OlyWA said...

Hi Belinda:

Your charms are delightful - really inspired, and a wonderful use of materials. I really love how you pulled it all together.

Chris in OlyWA