Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tried Watercolors on Baby Wipes from Bernie's book

I did quite a few things as a result of this experiment. I was not too groovin on this technique since I did not like the patterns on the wipes. I have some leftover from my daughter's diaper days. I might like the technique better if they were just plain quilted. Also, the surface is quite small. It would work for small pieces of art like ATCs but would not translate well if I wanted to use them on a collage or even sew it to a piece of fabric.

I don't have liquid watercolors. I only have Adirondack Color Wash and reinkers. I tried it with just straight reinkers first and it came out too dark. Even the color wash was too concentrated and needed to be watered down. It did not transfer well onto a piece of watercolor paper that I had underneath. The result was too pastel for me.

I then took some small Dixie cups and filled them halfway with water. I squirted a considerable amount of reinkers into the cup. Several drops was not enough and did not show up on the wipe. Several more drops worked better. I used eye droppers to squirt onto the wipes. I also put in a little gold pearl ex. It gave the wipes and paper towels a great shimmer. I liked the results better when I folded the wipes first and got a more tie dye effect. I also squirted some gold Colorbox reinker onto the wipe. It will look very interesting when I cut it up for an ATC. I did about 6 wipes when I decided that I liked doing it on the paper towels paper better. I finished using up all the ink with the paper towels.

I will post my results once they dry. Yes, my fingers are a dark, purple and red color. It takes about a week or so for it to completely come off my fingers.

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Anonymous said...

I also tried this technique, but used Dyna Flo fabric paints. I'm waiting on the results, to see if the colors fade when dry, or if the stay vibrant.