Sunday, December 31, 2006

watercolors on baby wipes

Here are a few samples of what I did with the baby wipes. I don't think that the colors were vibrant enough. I tried it first with just reinkers straight out of the bottle. I got the rust/green effect, but I had to use a lot of reinker in different places. I then put some water in Dixie cups and then put some reinkers in it. Initially, the colors did not show on the wipes, so I added a lot more reinkers. I also added in a little gold pearl ex to give the wipes some shimmer.

I took a large board and placed it on top of a tarp so that any reinker drips would not get on my carpet. I put down a sheet of watercolor paper and then a baby wipe. I did the random squirting of colors with an eye dropper. I also tried it by squirting some gold Color box reinker onto the baby wipe and then folding it several times. I then squirted colors on it and unfolded. I liked that result better. I did not get a great color result on the watercolor paper. I even tried using a brayer and doing it across the wipe so more would get on the watercolor paper. That did not give me great color either. It was kind of muddied.

I am not that groovin on this technique because the colors came out too pastel for me. It might also be that I did not like the patterns on the baby wipe. It could also be that I did not use liquid watercolors but reinkers and colorwash instead.

It might look better ATC sized. I will just glue or sew the wipe onto an ATC sized piece of card stock and finish that. I will post when I get to doing it. It is still a little damp.

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Anonymous said...

Those are some scrumptious backgrounds there!